Speaker Introduction
Dio Chiu
Curator&Storytelling Coach
Used to live in New York and Hong Kong, and now based in Taiwan. Holds a unique passion for storytelling marketing, vision-driven enterprise, and interdisciplinary co-creation and co-learning. Served as a TEDxTaipei curator and storytelling coach. Led team in planning, implementing, and promoting dozens of TEDxTaipei events, and coaches over a hundred TEDx speakers and corporate executives for their talks. Since 2020, he served as the co-founder of Gods in Wonderland Parent-child Ecological Village and the president of Xiang-cheng-hang oil product distribution company. His work encompasses different industries, including real estate, wedding gown business, oil products, education and media. As an advent yoga and meditation practitioner, he hopes to work with partners to realize the shared vision where people can live a more conscious life.